Thursday, August 2, 2012

An Introduction

   I kind of feel that a reader will have difficulty connecting with an author unless they know something about them and trust him or her.  I am not sure my thoughts are 100% true because I know as much about J.K. Rowling as the fly buzzing around the house, yet I feel more connected to her as an author than any other.  Nevertheless, I think it wise to introduce myself and give you a picture of who I am.    
   My name is Brandon.  I am a 32 year old husband and father of four children (2 Girls, 2 Boys).  I work in IT for a large non-profit organization and I love sports, movies, cars and almost every electronic gadget available on today's market.  I love the outdoors, yet find myself something of a homebody.  I am quite active but enjoy eating food that isn't always good for me.  I hope someday to be wealthy enough to provide a good life for my family, and just as important, help people who find themselves in situations of need.  Geez, except for that first sentence, that looks a bit like an introduction on eHarmony.  The next thing you know, I'm gonna be asking for your phone number and setting up our first date.  Well, like they always say, it's good to connect with your readers.
   My purpose and hope with this blog is to share stories about life, my own and maybe eventually others lives' as well, that help each of us to see that, everyone has experiences where things seem to be a bit like being in a theoretical toilet.  The middle is crappy (pun intended), the sides a bit slippery, and the only thing left, in our own minds, is for someone to close the lid and flush.  My friends, I have been to that place so many times as of late, and I believe this to be a great opportunity to share to with you that I know there is a way out.  In my greatest times of difficulty, family, friends and complete strangers have reached down, lifted and freed me from the soiled suffering.  I have gained hope and confidence from my experiences that there are opportunities daily for every one of us to be that person who can offer their hand, and save someone else.

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